January Full Day Charter

Full-Day charters are always a blast. Today I guided Matt who is a tournament angler from Tennessee. He wanted to experience Lake Okeechobee to the fullest.

The Bass were moving up shallow and beginning to bed, but it was very cloudy and we didn’t have enough sunlight to sight fish.

We primarily used artificial baits including Skinny dipper swimbait as a search bait, and a Senko as a follow-ups bait and for specific targets. The Senko was used either unweighted, or Texas rigged with a 3/8 oz weight and flipped into needle grass and cattails.

If a fish missed the swimbait, Matt would throw the weightless Senko where that fish was and hook up. When we caught a male, while I unhooked to fish, Matt would fire back into the bed with the Senko and try to catch the female. That strategy paid off.

He caught two out of three large females with the third pulling the rod out of his hands and getting off in the thick grass.

It was definitely a great day fishing for spawning bass. Matt had a fantastic time and I am looking forward to getting back out on the water again with him soon!

Lake Okeechobee Bass Fishing is absolutely on fire right now. All trip long you can be catching largemouth bass at all the locations around the lake. Whether you are a local or you are one that is traveling here, getting outdoors is a great experience. I hope to get the chance to show you around and get you on the fish of a lifetime. My experience and daily commitment on the water can help you catch the fish of a lifetime. See you on the water next time on Lake Okeechobee on a January Full Day Charter!