Lake Ida Fishing Trip

“I had an afternoon fishing trip with some awesome clients, John and Decker. They were traveling from California looking to cash in on some peacock bass here in South Florida. The Lake Ida Chain of Lakes was a great match for them and it was on fire.

When fishing Lake Ida, the target species is always going to be peacock bass. One of the blessings about this fishery is that you can also catch largemouth bass, clown knife fish, cichlids, and tilapia to name a few.

John and Decker started out the day catching largemouth bass in the early afternoon hours. As the sun lowered in the sky, the peacock bass started to aggressively bite. They caught about 7-10 largemouth bass, 6 peacock bass, and a handful of cichlids, and a tilapia.

Most of the fish were caught free-lining live baits along with the canal systems. The best tackle to get this job done was using a 10-pound braided line with a 12-pound fluorocarbon leader with a 1/0 owner mosquito hook.

It was a blast watching these guys have so much fun landing fish. Non-stop action will bring them back for more. I am looking forward to getting them back on the Chain soon on a Lake Ida Fishing Trip!” – Capt John Larsen