Summers Heat Fishing Charter

A summers heat fishing charter can really fire up the peacock bass here in South Florida. Peacock Bass where introduced into Florida by the FWC in 1984 to control other invasive species in South Florida waterways. Since then they have thrived from West Palm Beach on down to Miami. South Florida is the only place in the United States these fish can be found. The aquifer. which feeds the lakes, doesn’t allow the water temperature to fall below 72 degrees. Peacock Bass are native to South America. They are the most aggressive on hot sunny days. We are averaging 2-4 bites per hour and artificial and 4-6 per hour on live bait.

Catching peacock bass on the Lake Ida Chain of Lakes is a great way to discover new species. The exotic peacock bass will amaze you with it’s strength and power. We hope to give you provide you with a fishing adventure of a lifetime right here in sunny South Florida in the midst of the summer.